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Dexter Season Five Episode Two: Hello, Bandit

Last night, Dexter started to get back on track, even though he is still very much mourning Rita’s death and struggling with single fatherhood.

Dex once again finds a target, Boyd Fowler (Shawn Hatosy), a road kill pick up guy who heĀ  becomes suspicious of after he find blood in a moving van Fowler had recently rented. Dexter follows Fowler to a swamp where he dumped off a barrel and, sure enough, when Dexter goes back to see what’s inside, its the body of a dead woman. As the episode ends, Dexter looks around and finds several more barrels, which are most likely also filled with the remains of Fowler’s victims.

Fowler gives Dexter something to concentrate on (and a victim for next week’s episode) but he still has plenty to deal with at home. He, along with Astor, Cody and Harrison, move into his old apartment with Deb. Deb in the meantime goes to stay with Quinn, but, as their relationship develops, so does his suspicion of Dexter.

Astor repeatedly asks Dexter to bring her to their house to get her things, but he refuses. So, Astor takes matters into her own hands. She and Cody leave school in the middle of the day and walk to the house, when Dexter finds them they are just staring at the tub where their mother died.

Astor tells Dexter that its too hard to live with him because she believed that things would be better when he came into their lives, but instead things got worse. She tells him that she wants to live with her grandparents in Orlando and he obliges.

As Astor and Cody pull away with their grandparents, we see true remorse and pain in Dexter’s eyes, just one more reason to mourn, and one more reason to seek atonement for Rita’s death.

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