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Dexter Season Five Episode Four: Beauty And The Beast

This week we finally learned the name of that scared girl who watched Dexter kill Boyd with a kitchen knife:  Lumen Anne Pierce. We also got a piece of her backstory, which includes a mother who understands why she would have to leave her home in Minnesota, and, more importantly, the fact that there were others (besides Blyd) who tortured her.

Though Dexter has dealt with unwanted witnesses before, he’s never dealt with anything like this before. He should kill Lumen, and it would be easy since no one is looking for her, but he can’t.

Dexter realizes that he has to convince her that she is safe with him or she is going to keep trying to run and may eventually find someone to tell what he has done. At first, he tries to restrain her, but she she fights back , smearing blood all over him and forcing him to sedate her. Just then, Deb calls him to a crime scene, where she has been all night, meaning no one came home to relieve the nanny.

By the time Dexter gets back to the apartment, the nanny is pissed and quits.

Dexter stops by the station, pawning Harrison off on his co-workers to steal some antibiotics from Masuka for Lumen, and check out her fingerprints. Harry scolds him for his brazenness. “Is this your idea of quality time, using your son for cover?” he asks. “It’s for a good cause,” Dexter replies.

He takes  Harrison to Lumen’s motel, where he uses him as a cover again and assures the receptionist he was just there to pay the bill and pick up “mom’s” things.

Meanwhile,  Quinn corners Jonah Mitchell in a gas-station convenience store, flashes Dexter’s photo in front of him, but before he can confirm Dexter is Kyle Butler, Quinn is in taken away in handcuffs. LaGuerta reams Quinn out for not dropping and suspends him indefinitely which may just give him more time to go after Dexter.

Before going back to Lumen, Dexter goes to Sonja and begs her to come back as Harrison’s nanny, explaining, “A girl was badly hurt and I spent the night trying to help her and then was called to a crime scene by my sister. That’s where I was and I’m here now because we interviewed 30 people and you’re the one that didn’t scare me. Basically, you’re the only one I could trust Harrison to.”

“It’s a leap of faith on both our parts,” she replied, agreeing to give him one more try.

Dexter brings Lumen back to where Fowler had stored his other victims.  “I saved your life,” he tells her.  “How do I know that you didn’t’ kill these girls?” she asks. “You don’t,” he says. “It’s a leap of faith for both of us.”

Dexter gives Lumen the knife and she cuts him, but quickly realizes he’s serious when he says she can trust him. In the end, she dresses his wounds and tells him about the other men, so will Dexter help her get revenge?

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