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Dexter Season Five Episode 8: Shattered

Finally, things are getting good, nail-biting, edge of your seat good, on Dexter! With only three episodes left, things are getting intense.

This week, Dexter decided to check out one of Jordan Chase’s seminar, where Chase delivers one central message, “We are born primal, conceived with the impulse to fight for what we desire. It’s written in our genes; it’s ingrained in our souls. But we’ve traded the wilderness for pavement, tress for skyscrapers, we’ve lost touch with our instincts. It’s time to tap into your primal selves and seize the power of instinct.” This actually resonates with Dex, who is only there to scope out Cole, his next victim. “Instincts are all I’ve ever had,” Dexter thinks to himself.

Chase asks Dexter to come up to his suite where he interrogates him about Rita’s death. “I have to say, Trinity fascinated me on a deep level,” he admits. “What else did Jordan and I have in common?” Dexter wonders.

In the meantime, Lumen gets a call from her ex, Owen, who wants her to meet him for coffee, she agrees to meet him for coffee, the next day (after she picks up supplies for the Cole kill). That night, Dexter and Lumen prepare the hotel room together for Cole’s kill. He helps him lay out plastic and he thinks to himself that it is “easier with two people” as he watches her roll out sheets of plastic.

Dexter’s first attempt at the kill was ruined by Cole’s latest sexual conquest. But the next day Dexter had one more chance, and planned to kill him while everyone else was preoccupied by the seminar. But, before Dexter is able to sneak out, Chase calls him on stage and asks him to describe finding Rita to the crowd and explain how it felt. “There was so much blood,” he mumbles. “What did you feel in that moment,” Chase asks, and when Dexter can’t come up with the right word Chase says, “shattered.” “When the primal self is shattered it reaches out in search of what will make it whole again,” Chase explains. “Do you feel that, Dexter, that hunger inside for what will make you whole again?” Dexter nods.

As Lumen is leaving the hotel and leaving Dexter to his kill, she sees his confession playing on a large screen in the lobby. She is compelled to watch, and is spotted by Cole. He follows her to the hotel room Dexter had rented, sneaks in through the adjoining door to his room and tries to choke her. Of course Dexter comes in just in time and is able to fulfill his purpose for being there- killing Cole- with Lumen watching.

The ease with which Dexter had set up the kill room tells her he had killed before and he does confide in her, explaining everything, about his mother, about his other kills, about Rita. “You said I’d done this before, that’s true, this is who I am,” he says, “When I was a child my mother was murdered in front of me and it shattered me. I’ve done this ever since, because for the longest time it was the only way I could feel unbroken. And then Rita was killed and none of this made sense anymore. Until now. Miguel couldn’t, my father couldn’t. Can anyone live with the truth of what I am?” Dexter thinks as he hands Lumen the slide of Cole’s blood, the ultimate intimate act. “Is Lumen what will make me whole?”

On his way out of the hotel, Dexter sees Chase who reminds him not to forget what happened there this weekend. Adding, “Act on what you’ve learned, that’s what I tell my clients, ‘tick tick tick, that’s the sound of your life running out.’” And Dexter realizes this was “watch guy” one of Lumen’s other attackers, and his next victim.

The episode ends with Lumen and Dexter on Dexter’s boat, dumping Cole’s body. Dexter let’s Lumen do the honors of dropping the victim’s head into the ocean. But, little do they know Liddy is photographing them from shore, which means more trouble for Dexter. Will he tell Quinn? Will Quinn tell Deb? Will he be abel to get to Liddy before anyone else knows?

There was one other intriguing storyline in last night’s episode. In an attempt to cover herself after the botched take down of the Fuentes brothers which left an informant dead, LaGuerta starts looking for a scapegoat. Initially, she wants to give them Ciara, but Deb objected, suggesting that since she was the supervising officer, LaGuerta should use Deb as the scapegoat, but also insists the best thing to do is stand together as a team. But, instead, LaGuerta takes Deb’s advice and throws her under the bus.

Deb is at Quinn’s place when she sees LaGuerta’s press conference “Not even La Guerta can deny that you’re a great detective,” he tells her. “At the end of the day, you’ll be the one left standing.” Her rage only intensifies when she finds out Ciara backed LaGuerta. “I came here hoping to learn from you,” Ciara tells Deb. “What you did, you would never learn from me. Good luck, you’re going to need it,” Deb responds and storms out. Batista stops her in the parking lot and tells her he’s behind her. “I’m going to do whatever it takes to set the record straight,” he says. “I was stuck between a rock and my wife, but I decided I’m backing you. You’re like my kid sister, but better because I actually like you.”

Will this mean the end of Batista and LaGuerta?

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