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Dexter Season Five Episode 7: Circle Us

In last night’s episode of Dexter, Lumen (Julia Stiles) continued her pursuit of the men who beat and raped her. She tries to remember the rest of the group of men who held her captive and remembers the ticking in her ears of “Watch Guy,” and “Suit and Tie,” who would carefully fold his jacket before attacking her.

“Suit and Tie” decides to remove the evidence and is shown removing barrels full of the other girl’s bodies from the swamp and adding them to a pickup truck. As he drives back, the truck is hit by a drunk driver and the Miami Police are called to the scene. He was gone but he did leave behind his neatly folded jacket.

The truck was registered to Jordan Chase, the “Take It” guy Boyd Fowler was obsessed with listening to. After examining the bodies, two of the women were identified as visitors to Miami, not unlike Lumen. Chase is brought in with Cole Harmon, his head of security, and Cole becomes their number one suspect.

After some analysis, Cole’s hair and fingerprints are found on the jacket and the truck. Lumen identifies him as “Suit and Tie,” to Dexter, who tries to convince her that the law will take care of it but she insists she wants to “take care of it herself”.

Dexter helps Lumen throw the police off of Cole’s trail by leading them to Fowler. When the police ask Cole about Fowler he claims Fowler was one of Chase’s stalkers.

Lumen and Dexter go to Harmon’s house to get some more info and when Dexter is caught in the house, Lumen comes in and knocks the guy out. The two of them find a photo of Dan the Dentist, Cole Harmon, and Boyd Fowler together when they were teenagers. Lumen knows all she has to do now is find the other two men in the photo and Dexter agrees they will work together until all of the men are caught.

In the meantime, Quinn’s still obsessed with finding out more about Dexter. His informant tells him that Dexter took his house off the market and has a pretty blond girl staying there. He agrees to pay the guy more to find out who she is.

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