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Dexter Season 5 Episode 5: First Blood

Sunday night’s episode focused on the two new people in Dexter’s life, Harrison and Lumen, who are both vulnerable innocents, but for how long? Dexter, for the first time, is in the a position where he could groom an apprentice, either in his young or Lumen, who is eager to get revenge on her attackers, or in his own son.

As the episode opens, Dexter takes Harrison to a Mommy and Me class where he plays a parachute game with the other mothers, until the fun is interrupted by tears. One child scratched another on the face and Dexter assumes it was Harrison, finding it hard to believe he wasn’t effected by watching his mother die, the way Dexter was.

He examines Harrison’s fingernail for evidence but found nothing and asks the nanny if he is aggressive but she says no.  Even though he fears Harrison will be like him, you can’t help but wonder if that’s what he secretly wants. While searching through the station’s databases for Lumen’s other attackers, he plops Harrison on his lap and tells him his plan to kill them before Lumen can, it seems he’s looking for a confidant.

In addition to looking for Lumen’s attackers, Dexter’s also back to work full time and begins helping with Santa Muerte case like everyone else.  And while they are all busy, Quinn gets drunk with a disgruntled cop who he convinces to investigate Dexter. (Here’s a spoiler about what happens to that guy.)

We also find out that LaGuerta is working a sting with IA but Batista gets the wrong idea when he sees her going into a hotel room. He, of course, breaks into the  catches her alone with McCoy, but, there is also a slew of police in the next room with the man they just busted.

Meanwhile,  Lumen convinces Dexter that Boyd’s old cell mate was one of her attackers and he goes in for the kill but after finding a police anklet on the man, he realizes it couldn’t have been him, the police would have known exactly where he was. He is also able to stop Lumen from killing him just in time and convinces her to go back to Minnesota.

When Lumen is searched at the airport, she isn’t able to get on the plane and heads right back to Miami and based on next week’s preview, she takes matters into her own hands.

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