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Dexter Season 5 Episode 3 Practically Perfect

If the first two episodes of Dexter season 5 were meant to ease us (and Dexter) back into a routine, last night’s episode was definitely the jolt we all needed to get back in the serial-killing game.

The most heart-pounding storyline of the episode was the chase between Dexter and Boyd, the dead-animal remover who also happened to kill young women. Dexter agrees to do a ride-along with Boyd, to see if he might be interested in his line of work (Dexter lies and tells him he’s out of work). He sets up a kill room and as he’s about to make his move on him, Boyd turns around and shoots him with a tranquilizer gun. Both men are taken to the hospital, which they quickly escape. Dexter is finally able to sedate Boyd back at his house and has to set up a make-shift kill room, but that’s where things really get interesting.

Little does Dexter know, but Boyd actually has a hostage in the house (played by Julia Stiles) who sees him kill Boyd, who was most likely going to kill her. In the preview for next week’s show we see Dexter take her with him but he can’t let her go now that she knows the truth. This is definitely going to be one of the juiciest story lines of the season.

In the meantime, Quinn’s hunch that Dexter is Kyle Butler is growing, despite the fact that he’s crushing hard on Deb (who has a great storyline of her own for once as she tries to hunt down a ritualistic killer). Even though he is right, Dexter is Kyle Butler, it’s hard to know what his intentions are and if he’d even do with anything with the information.

The title of the episode was a reference to Mary Poppins and applied to Sonya, Harrison’s too-good-to-be-true Irish nanny, and Dexter’s plan to kill Boyd. Time will only tell if Dexter’s nanny turns out the be that good, but based on Dexter’s Boyd kill and his history with personal relationships, its probably safe to say she won’t be.

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