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Dexter Season 5 Episode 1: My Bad

Last night, Dexter returned with an emotional episode that picked up right where last season ended.

As the episode opens, the police and FBI are arriving at Dexter’s house while he hands Harrison over to Deb saying,“Rita’s inside … It was me.”

His response response raises suspicion among the FBI and Quinn, who has already suspicious of Dex and his shady behavior. Quinn begins questioning Dexter’s story (that he came home and found Rita dead) especially after seeing their neighbor Elliot sobbing while Dexter stood outside the house stone-faced.

Things become even more complicated when Deb, who is trying to deal with the stress of Rita’s death and Dexter’s stranger-than-usual behavior, sleeps with Quinn in an attempt to find a little comfort.

The most awkward scene came when Dex had to tell Rita’s kids (and her parents) about her death as they stood in front of him in their Mickey Mouse ears, and he says, “I’m sorry for your lose.” Ouch.

In her grief, Astor tells him, “We all would have been better off if she’d never met you,” and he believes her. Instead of attending his FBI interview and helping with last minute funeral details, Dex takes off in his boat with only the “tools of his trade” but after a visit from Harry, he realizes he has to go back.

“She died a brutal death, and I can’t fix it,” Dexter said in his eulogy of Rita,“But I know I have to try, here in Miami with the people who knew her … who cared about her … who loved her.”

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