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Dexter Season 4 Episode 8: Road Kill

dexter-finale-ratingsDexter is seriously bummed out after he kills Jonathan Farrow, abusive douchebag S&M photographer extraordinaire who is nonetheless (technically) an innocent man.  Dexter vows to balance the scales and adhere to the Code of Harry and land Trinity on his kill table next and make things right.  He decides to do so by staging a little road trip, posing as his new alter ego, Kyle, and telling Arthur/Trinity that he really needs to get away and hitches a ride to Tampa with Arthur.  Dexter/Kyle foams at the mouth in-character that he needs to give back to the world and make things right. Arthur looks about as pleased about Dexter/Kyle infringing upon his road trip as he would be if he’d been told he was getting a saline enema. 

Unbeknownst to each other, it would appear that both Dexter and Arthur had packed for a kill on their little road trip: Dexter taking his supply of slides and kill tools (including Trinity’s hammer) and Arthur is seen packing sis’s ashes into a convenient travel-size vial which he wraps in a “Four Walls, One Heart” towel. 

Once again, Arthur’s mood swings like he’s going through menopause and he snaps at Dexter/Kyle who keeps hinting that he’s got a secret and something to atone for.  Finally, Dexter/Kyle cracks and says that he accidentally killed a man in a hunting accident and feels horrible about it.  (Which isn’t entirely untrue.) Arthur reacts with genuine compassion and the two head back to their respective hotel rooms.  The next morning “happy dancing man” Arthur tells Dexter/Kyle that he’s got a surprise for him and takes him back to the house where Trinity was essentially born.

After bum-rushing past the nice Asian couple who now owns the house Arthur grew up in, he confesses to Kyle/Dexter that he felt responsible for his sister’s death.  Ten-year-old Arthur was “innocently” watching his sister in the shower when he startled her and she slipped, breaking the glass doors on the shower and severing her femoral artery.  His parents blamed him and this kicked off a family-wide downward spiral, involving his mom leaping to her death and Daddy Dearest developing an angry drinking habit, culminating in a barrage of beatings for young Arthur before he decided to orphan himself by bludgeoning pops with a framing hammer. He tells Dexter/Kyle that he had never told anyone this and shares his burden as feeling responsible for the death of an innocent.

With this near-confession, Dexter decides he’s going to off Arthur in his sleep and sets up his hotel room with the usual killing accoutrements: photos of victims, a table, saran wrap, etc. Heading to Arthur’s room armed with a syringe to drug him, Dexter jimmies the lock and finds that Arthur has gone missing in the night.  He ends up trailing him to one of the Four Walls, One Heart structures he’s been working on, pouring out a little of Sis’s ashes for his homies down below and preparing to off himself by leaping from the building.  Dexter debates his own humanity and capacity for compassion, finding himself conflicted between allowing Arthur/Trinity to die by his own hand, or watching another person die period.  He jumps out and saves Arthur and has a last-minute judgment that maybe he will let Trinity eat pavement after all, when several other construction workers rush the scene and help pull Arthur to safety.  Arthur, in turn, believes it was Dexter/Kyle who saved his life and chalks it up to divine providence, that instead of Arthur saving “Kyle,” it was “Kyle” who was there to save him.  They’re totally BFF’s now!

Back at Casa de Dexter, Rita has declared that she’s working on “a new me” by taking up Tuesday yoga classes that Dexter must now schedule his kills around so he can watch the kids.  Annoying Neighbor Elliot, however, is more than happy to watch the kids… And Rita, too.  After taking Astor and Cody fishing, he comes back to Casa de Dexter and has a few drinks with Rita who lets him know that back in the day, she was a “dress-over-the-head party girl” and comes dangerously close to making out with Elliot, who clearly has designs on Rita. 

Meanwhile, Deb is hot on Trinity’s heels as a tribute to her beloved (and deceased) former paramour, Special Agent Frank Lundy.  While showing the homicide department slides culled from Lundy’s collection, Deb focuses on the Trinity’s hammer bludgeoning in presenting the case to LaGuerta and company.  She avoids referring to the killer as Trinity, narrowing her focus to the story that the victim was posed to point towards the smears of DNA-laden ash present at the crime scene and in the photos.  One of Trinity’s bathtub kills makes it into Deb’s slide show and she’s forced to admit that she believes this is the work of a serial killer who has been engaging in this pattern for over 30 years and was a pet project of Lundy’s.  LaGuerta is impressed and wants to turn this into a full-scale investigation.  The downside is, Deb has to be removed from the case since she’s technically a victim of the killer’s crimes. 

Not for long, however.  She examines her wounds and realizes that the bullet wasn’t hit from an angle, but rather straight across.  Stripping down to her bra and undies (and making the little guy’s day), Deb asks Masuka to give her the details on the bullet’s trajectory.  Turns out, it wasn’t made by a six foot-plus, 60 year old white man with blue eyes, but rather someone closer to Masuka’s wee height.  Deb is back on the case since it’s been decided that Trinity was not the one responsible for her wounding and Lundy’s demise.

Unless it’s a red herring, the build-up to “Who Shot Deb and Lundy” seems to be pointing to Quinn’s slam piece, shady news hound Christine, who will stop at nothing to get “a lead that bleeds” to keep her job in the ever-diminishing field of print journalism. Christine makes a non-booty call late night visit to a bleary-eyed Quinn’s, looking for some sort of a lead she can splash across the front of the paper and doing so under the guise of needing “moral support.” Peering over Quinn’s shoulder mid-hug, she sees paperwork on the DNA sweeps the homicide department is looking for a 50-ish retired white guy with blue eyes as the prime suspect in the Trinity case.  She also sees that Miami’s finest will be conducting random DNA sweeps at checkpoints and doing a buccal swab on men fitting the description.

Christine leaves Quinn’s apartment with a story, but manages to get an even bigger story when she corners Deb who finally agrees to grant her an exclusive interview.

Quinn himself gets more of a backstory on Dexter from Masuka who innocently tells him about the psycho sexpot that was Lila and what a sex panther Dexter as before marrying Rita. 

Speaking of sex panthers, Batista and LaGuerta do some late-night work on the case and can’t contain their department-forbidden passion any longer, to the point of compromising the structure of one of the desks in the office. At some point, these two will probably have a close call with Detective Matthews and have to explain themselves. .

Speaking of close calls, Arthur and Dexter narrowly manage to steer clear of a DNA checkpoint while returning from their male-bonding experience.

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