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Dexter – Season 4 Episode 6 : If I Had a Hammer

DEXTER (Season 4)Armed with the disturbing knowledge that he shares just a little too much in common with Trinity, Dexter sets the wheels in motion to trap him in his own game.  Even more disturbing, this episode also offers yet another gratuitous glimpse of John Lithgow’s tookis.

Having identified the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing, Dex begins sitting in on services where Arthur is a deacon in a local parish.  (For those of you playing along at home, Trinity has now been named as “Arthur Miller” — which may be the greatest, most innocuous serial killer name ever.)

Dexter discovers even more about Trinity, lining up the evidence (courtesy of Lundy’s collection of books and papers on his 30-year obsession) and uncovers Arthur Miller’s family history.  Arthur’s 16-year-old sister was killed in a bathtub, his mother fell to her death, and his father was bludgeoned to death.  The string of events left Arthur an orphan with no family — yet another similarity that hits home with Dexter. 

Taking on the fake identity of a troubled family man named Kyle, Dexter infiltrates Arthur’s parish and gets closer to his latest target.  He signs up to volunteer with Arthur’s faux Habitat For Humanity project (Four Walls, One Heart) and Arthur gives Dexter his super-special framing kill hammer to work on the project! Score!

Masuka (who delivers the goods with tons of sexual innuendo pertaining to hammers and citing “there’s not a tool I haven’t played with”) makes the connection that the weapon used in the latest Trinity murder was a framing hammer by its cross-hatched pattern left on the skin. He also comes up big with the revelation that human ashes have been left at each of these crime scenes. Even better, the mitochondrial DNA next to Lundy’s body also turns up the ashes of human remains, cementing that Trinity was Lundy’s killer and Deb’s assailant.  This makes tracking Trinity all the more personal for Dexter.

Dexter uses this info when he pays a visit to Arthur at his home under the premise of seeking counsel for his marriage.  When Arthur goes to retrieve some bandages for Dexter/Kyle’s cut finger, he catches Dexter examining the urn in his parlour.  Arthur freaks out and chokes Dexter/Kyle with the arm, losing control and scereaming “Don’t touch my sister!” When Arthur comes down, he tells Dexter/Kyle that keeping his sister’s remains in the living room, although painful, is an essential part of what makes him who he is and that she’s still a part of him.

Tracking Trinity, for all it’s gore-splattered potential is still infinitely more fun than dealing with Rita who seems suspended in a permanent state of PMS.  Still miffed about Dexter maintaining his Kill Pad, she books an appointment for them with a brand new couple’s therapist. 

While Rita thinks it’s going to be all about her, she ends up getting owned by the therapist who insists that she take responsibility for her choices.  Citing her former husband, Paul, as an example (no mention of Hubby #1 yet, however), the therapist tells Rita that she consciously goes after men she thinks she can change.  Dexter ends up coming out of couples’ therapy smelling like a rose after he tells the truth about why he lied about keeping his old apartment: He needed space. Of course, he left out the part about needing space to hide his kill tools and chop up his victims. 

With their marital woes behind them, Rita ends up giving Dexter his own space, a large shed with a padlock (change the locks, Dexter!) .  They move his desk, lamp, and the big trunk o’ Harry Stuff into the Dexter’s new and improved space.  There’s even an air conditioning unit in there for him to stash his trophies!  Ah, a Kill Room of one’s own!

Back at the precinct, not all is sunshine and dandelions.  LaGuerta and Batista’s honesty with Deputy Chief Matthews doesn’t go over too big and they’re forced to decide it’s their relationship or their careers.  Not wanting to give up either, the couple sign affidavits telling Matthews they are no longer an item and both can stay at the same precinct.  You know something is going to happen here.

Meanwhile, Deb is still dealing with Lundy’s death and is desperate to avenge his murderer.  She even goes so far as to visit Quinn at his Technicolor awesome house to tell him she wants to testify against  Nikki Wald (Vacation Murderer #2) as a first-person witness. Quinn shows some sort of concern for his partner and knows she’s just grasping at straws to get revenge and tries to dissuade her.   

When Nikki refuses to confess to killing Lundy (because she didn’t), Deb takes it upon herself to wring a confession out of Nikki in jail.  Nikki makes the colossal mistake of calling Lundy “that old man” and Deb loses it, choking her through the bars.  When Nikki breaks down in tears, Deb comes to her senses that Nikki wasn’t Frank Lundy’s killer.  The evidence Masuka and Dexter turn up also put her on the trail that Trinity is the one responsible.  Hot on another trail, Deb is also one step further in finding the identity of the woman Harry had cheated on her mother with.  Uh-oh.

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