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Dexter Season 4 Episode 4: Dex Takes a Holiday

dextakesaholidayDexter manages to dodge a bullet, claiming stress for last week’s suburban indiscretion of beating the ever-loving filament out of the Neighborhood Watch football stadium lighting, citing “I wish you didn’t see me like that” to lovely (and annoying) Rita.  Lucky for Dexter, he gets a whole three days to recharge his batteries while Rita and the kids go off to some out-of-town wedding.  As his family pulls away in the car and after checking out the adorably handcrafted “I *Heart* Dad” mug the kids made for him as a present, Dexter promptly kicks into Risky Business mode and plots his latest project. 

While most guys would engage in a porn, pizza n’ bowling extravaganza with the wife and kids away, Dexter decides to tackle a suspicious situation involving one Officer Zoe Kruger of the Pembroke P.D.  The Pembroke blood guy also found himself suspicious after Officer Kruger’s daughter and husband were killed in a home invasion.  He pulled the file and gave it to Dexter, alluding his own suspicions.  Kruger was shot twice in the arm, wrestling the gun away from the assailant.  Conveniently enough, the assailant was a drug dealer she had been tracking and was later gunned own in a gang-related incident. Eager for a fresh kill and a challenge, Dexter’s off and running.

While Dexter was running, Deb and Special Agent Lundy were hiding out on the floor of his office.  No, it’s not what you think.  Actually, thanks to Quinn’s new, reporter bang maid breaking a story on Lundy coming back to Miami to track a serial killer, it’s made retired Lundy persona non grata within the Miami police department and his visitor’s badge has expired.  LaGuerta and her department find themselves on the receiving end of fallout from an outraged public who demands answers regarding the Vacation Murders — not a serial killer who’s gone unchecked for 30 years.  Until that point, any work on the Trinity case has to be done off-duty.

Even worse, Trinity spots Lundy’s picture on the front page of the newspaper and gets a good look at the guy who’s tracking him.  To blow off some steam, Trinity heads to a back alley behind a bar and picks a fight by engaging an a Trinity Tourette’s round of expletives hurled at a somewhat muscular patron who kicks the snot out of the serial killer, leaving him in a sobbing heap. I’m guessing this has something to do with priming him for his next kill… Or maybe it was a skillful ploy by the writers to get the audience to see the unthinkable: the day when John Lithgow dropped the “C-bomb.”  (Hey, we’ve already seen his naked dumper this season, so why not go for some more shock value!)

Not the only serial killer tracking prey in town, Dexter heads to Officer Kruger’s Open House, with special guest, Overbearing Realtor Sporting the Most Heinous Floral Blazer Ever!  Dexter compares crime scene photos on his iPhone alongside the actual house itself.  He also sees Officer Zoe Kruger there who expresses a lot more interest in Dexter than he shows in purchasing her house.  After telling him she’s “separated” and that her daughter is with her husband (sort of), Dexter’s suspicions are further aroused since Officer Kruger doesn’t seem too broken up about her dead family and has gotten hot for his jock before her hubby and kid are cold in the ground.  Classy! 

Still checking around the Open House, Dexter purposefully jams the disposal so he can volunteer to “fix” it, and check to see if there is any evidence in the pipes, having seen bloody handprints on it in the crime scene photos. Removing the pipes to “fix” the sink, he sees a piece of the blue, police-issued protective gloves in the sink. Analyzing the glove, it turns out, powder from Officer Kruger’s gun was in the fold from where she shot herself, along with the drug dealer’s blood.

Dexter’s investigative side-project is interrupted by all of the relationship drama suddenly sprouting up in and around the department.  LaGuerta wants Batista to go public with her about their relationship, claiming it will be less stressful for both of them if there is full disclosure.  Conflicted, Angel tells Dexter he’s in a relationship with LaGuerta and ponders what to do.  Similarly, LaGuerta corners Dexter and confides in him about her secret tryst with Batista.  Dexter finds himself overwhelmed as being some sort of relationship guru.

Meanwhile, Quinn’s reporter gal pal Christine shows up and he exchanges some angry words with her for having landed him in a predicament thanks to her blabbing the Lundy as Trinity Tracker story. 

Speaking of Lundy, Anton notices the way that Deb twirls her hair around Special Agent Grandpa, the telltale sign that a girl is hot for a guy. After assuring Anton that he has nothing to worry about, Lundy and Deb do some work on the Trinity case when Lundy drops the bomb on Deb about how he <i>really</i> feels about her.  A conflicted Deb runs off in tears, knowing the depth of her former love’s feelings for her.

Meanwhile, Trinity recognizes Lundy from his photo and sees him scouting out the same hotel high-rise that he’s been planning on offing his next victim at.  Dropping his keys in front of Lundy, he attempts to get the Special Agent to track him.  Instead, Lundy politely picks up the keys and hands them back to Trinity, making a note of the shady, anxious nature of him into his pocket recorder.  Trinity, recognizing Lundy from his photo sees him and attempts to get him to track him.

While Lundy and Trinity are busy tracking each other, Dexter also finds the tables turned.  Officer Kruger pulls Dexter over, confronting him that she knows her file was pulled and attempts to drive home the point that the death of her family was agonizing.  Dexter retorts that “agony would be the normal reaction.” 

Slightly shaken by this close call, Dexter has an inner-monologue with Harry who tells him that Kruger likes to be in control and that the best way to take her down is to attack her sense of empowerment.  Emboldened by his heart-to-heart with dear ol’ (dead) Dad, Dexter makes a pilgrimage to confront Kruger, blatantly calling her out on killing her family.  Kruger attempts to threaten Dex in turn, whipping out her piece (oh, the phallic metaphors just keep a-comin’!) and aiming the flat butt of the gun against Dexter’s temple.  She tells Dexter that she will justify his murder by saying he tried to rape her.  Dexter uses his madd knowledge of blood spatters to talk her out of killing him then and there. 

Knowing she’s not finished with him yet, Dexter waits in his home, syringe in hand, ready to pounce when Officer Kruger inevitably walks through his door, planning on rehashing the same, tired, home-invasion scenario she used to cap her husband and little girl.  Sure enough, Kruger walks through the door, wearing the same, regulation blue rubber gloves she used the last time, her ever-present pistol at the ready.  She manhandles some of the kids’ toys and photos as Dexter creeps up on her.  Unfortunately, his attack on her isn’t as much of a surprise as he’d have liked, thanks to Officer Kruger catching a glimpse of his reflection in the glass of a family portrait.

A scuffle ensues and Officer Kruger chucks Dexter’s new “I *heart* Dad” mug at him, missing the mark and smashing it against the wall.  That skank!  Oh, it’s on like Donkey Kong now, beeyotch!

Eventually, Dexter wins out and Officer Zoe Kruger finds her sedated self strapped to the table with a dangling mobile of her family crime scene photos dangling above her head.  Yet again, she questions what Dexter will do to her and if rape is involved, prompting the best, Crazy Dexter exchange of the episode: “What is it with you and rape? No one’s raping anyone!” 

He grills her as to why she did it and she replies that she felt stifled and couldn’t breathe. (I’m noticing a trend this season with Dexter feeling oh-so-simpatico with some of his victims.)  She points out to Dexter what Harry’s been saying all along: at some point he will have to choose between having a normal life and continuing his side-hobby.  Dexter retorts that he would rather risk his family known the truth than losing them outright. Which is why he has to ice her. 

Even more satisfying, Dexter somehow manages to clean up the house and dispose of the body right before Rita and the kids arrive home exhausted from their trip.  He lies about how the mug got broken and Rita cheerily replies that the kids will have a great time making him a new one.  Awww…..

Elsewhere in the city, Deb and Lundy are strolling along the pier, basking the afterglow of their boinkfest following Deb visiting Lundy’s hotel room to inform him of her reciprocal feelings.  Feeling guilty about cheating on sweet, perfect (except for those missing chunks from his back that The Skinner took from him last season) Anton, she tells Lundy she wishes she had broken up with him before they “officially” rekindled their flame.  Lundy tells her she’s beautiful, but was confused and fully intends to be with her so that they can make the situation right together. 

Looks like they won’t have a chance to do that, since a shot rings out, hitting Deb in the side and she falls to the ground.  Another shot or two is fired and Lundy is hit, as well.  A faceless pickpocket robs Lundy of his watch and wallet.  The scene closes out with an overhead shot of both Deb and Lundy, sprawled, bleeding, and breathing shallow.  Damn.  This is <i>so</i> not going to look good if Anton finds out.

Overall, this was a great episode that felt a lot like the carefree Dex of Season 1.  While there was no perv-a-licious antics from Masuka who was M.I.A. this episode, there was little to no nagging from Rita this time around.  Woo hoo! 

While the fate of Deb and Lundy is still up in the air, it’s pretty evident by next week’s previews that Deb survives.  The identity of the gunman/thief is another mystery.  Could it be Trinity, or maybe even Anton.  (After all, Deb does seem to have a penchant for guys who end up having a psychotic streak and Anton has seemed almost too perfect to date.) In either case, Dexter is not going to be too happy about someone making an attempt on his sister’s life.  Vengeance seems to be the order of the day in Season 4. 

I will actually be quite bummed out if this was the last time we get to see Lundy.  As sweet and wonderful as Anton was, I always liked the Deb/Lundy pairing and thought it was a very believable May/December romance.  Plus, he was a great character and potential foil for Dexter. We’ll see if Lundy shuffles off the mortal coil next episode. Either way, Deb has got some ‘splainin’ to do.

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