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Dexter Season 4 Episode 11: Hello, Dexter Morgan

dexterWith two more episodes to go and even more reveals and plot twists a-comin’, Dexter kicks off Season 4’s penultimate episode at the precinct. Christine, the little prick, is stonewalling Detective Batista when he asks her how she’s related to the Trinity Killer.  She claims she doesn’t know how she’s related to Trinity, even though hos DNA matches hers.  Batista also provides a case file that Christine’ mother, Lorraine Hill, has been dead for five years and her father is unknown.  Juggs then claims she never met her father after her mother got pregnant.  Christine believes that she can only held for 48 hours before learning that she’s a material witness and can be held indefinitely. Oh, schnap!

Trinity, meanwhile, is watching the tube and sees that little Scott from the last episode has been returned to his family by an anonymous good Samaritan — one who didn’t report Arthur to the police.  Although Arthur knows it was Dexter/Kyle Butler, he ponders what type of person saves a kid and then doesn’t report the real creep who abducted him in the first place.  Just then, Arthur receives a call from Dexter/Kyle requesting $50,000 in 24 hours or he’ll tell the world that Arthur Mitchell is a pedophile.  Arthur gets really hot n’ bothered by being called a chi-mo’ and angrily refutes Kyle/Dexter’s claim.  Attempting to buy himself some time, he insists he isn’t even in Miami and can’t possibly meet Dex/Kyle. Arthur, like his daughter, is a big fat liar as he thumbs through the Miamai White Pages, searching out Kyle Butler.

Arthur then attempts to break into a real Kyle Butler’s house and RealKyle (wearing a jaunty fedora, purple t-shirt and scarf) threatens to call the cops on him.  Arthur fixes him with a steely, creepy gaze and RealKyle winds up dead, having his head smashed against his lovely hardwood floor.  Dexter finds out that the dude’s name is Kyle Butler and blames himself for the death of yet another innocent man, vowing to track down Trinity and bring him to olive green-shirted justice.

At Christine’s apartment, upon obtaining a search warrant, Batista and Deb raid Christine’s collection of shoes under her bed and come across a bunch of post cards addressed to Christine from Daddy, each of which correlates to where a Trinity murder spree went down.  Back at the precinct, she asks to speak with her lawyer.  Quinn and Deb play a game of who’s too close to the case as Quinn doubts Christine’s guilt and Deb harps on the Lundy Love of her Life getting ganked by Quinn’s squeeze.  Upon further examination, Quinn realizes that Juggs and her chipmunk cheeks were lying to him the whole time, cozying up to him so that she could keep tabs on Lundy as he tracked her father.  Quinn and Deb then bond in a strange way over having been in close proximity to murderers, Deb citing her engagement to the Ice Truck Killer as her own personal Moment of Shame.

Elsewhere in the precinct, LaGuerta and Batista get called into Matthews’ office because of a surveillance tape handed to him with the two of them making out in the liquor store. Matthews points out that the two of them perjured and need to get some good reps to discuss their case.  LaGuerta questions Matthews as to why he’s got it in for her, and Matthews tells her that he despises her arrogance. 

Things get just a tad more arrogant as Batista and LaGuerta tie the knot in the office with Dexter as a witness, right behind Matthews back.  When he returns to gloat about bringing the two to justice, Batista and LaGuerta (Whom, I guess are now Batista n’ Batista-LaGuerta?) explain that they’re married. They tell Matthews that he’s in for a fight considering the very Catholic, very Latino climate of Miami and that his attack on them as a married couple is an assault on the institute of marriage. Pwned, Matthews! Pwned!

Speaking of marriages, Rita spills the beans and tells Dexter that she kissed Elliot… or that Elliot kissed her.  She was planning on telling him in their therapy session. Which is a good thing, since the guilt of knowing this was eating up poor Masuka who also blurted it out to Dexter after Dex finds out. Upon Dex’s return home later that night, Rita stayed up so that they could finish their talk. Dexter acts very nonplussed about the entire kissing Elliot thing and Rita seems bummed out that he didn’t react more.  She’s seemingly satisfied when Dexter pops Elliot in the jaw, seeing him outside with a beer.  Rita then hands Dexter a pack of ice and tells him she’s glad he cared so much. Women! They’re so hard to read sometimes!

Back to easier things, Dexter is getting antsy with all of the Christine revelations and that it could mean that Trinity/Arthur ends up being brought to justice in a more conventional way than on his kill table.  Not wanting to let this awesome trophy slip through his hands, Dex does some recon for a guy to pin Trinity’s crimes on and comes up with one Stan “The Man” Beadry, a trucker who killed a prostitute several years ago.  Dexter squeaks out a quick n’ dirty kill, icing Beaudry and planting hair from his brush, Lundy’s Trinity books, and a picture of Christine in Stan’s truck to set his plan in motion.

Things keep moving when Arthur calls Kyle/Dexter from Johnny’s Jet Skis, the fake address that Kyle gave to Four Walls. Dexter/Kyle still plays up the extortion angle and overhears music in the background, recognizing that Arthur is now at a kiddie arcade. Arthur sets up the drop off for two hours later, however, Dexter is only 15 minutes away and plans to get the jump on him.

Back at the precinct, Deb, in a last-ditch effort, decides to talk to Christine one-on-one before her lawyer arrives and they discuss their daddy issues. Christine doesn’t take the bait, telling her that she won’t open up, just because Deb “shared.” Christine’s lawyer then insists that they let her go. Quinn, Deb, and Batista decide to let her go, believing that she will go to her pops to warn him and lead them directly to Trinity.  Meanwhile, they set up surveillance in Christine’s apartment, waiting to catch her doing something stupid… Other than walking around with her boobs hanging out. Christine doesn’t disappoint (No.  She actually keeps her shirt on through the entire episode!),  phoning Daddy Arthur who angrily tells her not to call again. Later on, Christine calls again, this time from a neighbor’s phone to tell him she loves him and did this to help him. Arthur is harsh in his assessment, telling her this is her own problem and that he was sorry she was ever born.  Wow. What a douche.

Spurred by her father’s rejection, Christine calls Deb over to her house and confesses to that she shot her and killed Lundy.  She tells Deb she is sorry and asks for her forgiveness.  Deb isn’t having this and says she can’t forgive her, but rather is here to do a job and take her into custody.  Just then, Christine whips out a gun from under the couch cushion, puts it under her chin and blows her head off. Whoa! SHOCKER!!

Traumatized, Deb calls Dexter to tell him what happened and that she needs a brother to talk to now. So close to nabbing Arthur, Dexter speeds away from the arcade to offer a shoulder to his sister to cry on, opting to be Dexter Morgan: Brother of the Year, as opposed to Kyle Butler: Extortionist and Dexter Morgan: Serial Killer Extraordinaire. At the precinct, Deb tells Dex that the Christine offing herself thing hasn’t really gotten her down as much as her feeling that she doesn’t have the closure she wishes she had, even though Christine is gone.  That by her erasing Lundy’s name from the Dry Erase Board o’ Unsolved Cases, he will cease to exist.  Dexter gives her a pep talk and she hesitantly erases “F. Lundy” from the board.

Although Arthur has no idea his little girl just capped herself, Arthur sees Dexter leaving the arcade and trails him to the precinct, asking for a Kyle Butler at the front desk. When he finds out there isn’t a Kyle Butler there, he lifts a visitor tag from someone in the lobby and proceeds to walk around. He comes across the homicide department room and smiles at all of the familiar photos of the bathtub murders, bludgeonings, and forced jumpers littering other Dry Erase Boards o’ Unsolved Cases.  He sees the evidence pinned on Stan “The Man” Beaudry and happily realizes that he’s in the clear. 

Even better, he comes across a plaque and photo in the precinct lobby with Dexter’s photo and name on it.  Ominously stalking the corridors and taking the elevator, Arthur greets Dexter at his own desk with a creepy “Hello, Dexter Morgan.” 

Things are going to get interesting!  Next week is the final episode of the season. Rumor has it that, unlike other seasons of Dexter that wrapped all the ends of a story arc up in a single episode, this will end on a cliffhanger to be resolved in Season 5.

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