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Dexter Season 4 Episode 10: Lost Boys

dexter_morganSince last week’s incident where Cody crashed through the skylight in the shed, Dexter’s found a new place to stash his stuff: a shipping container that he’s rented, reminiscent of the birthplace of his Dark Passenger.  This is a much more suitable and secure place to keep the ol’ kill tools and trophies…. And Dexter’s hoping Arthur’s blood slide will help him christen his new digs!

Wearing his olive green kill clothes, he tracks Arthur to a parking lot.  Arthur has been trailing a family who’s incredibly stupid enough to put their names on the back of their SUV with a cling film decal.  When the boy, Scott, gets separated from his family at the arcade, Arthur swoops in to tell Scott that he’s a police officer and that his parents have been in a car accident. Using the family’s names to lend legitimacy to his cover, Arthur tells him that his sister is with his partner and the boy needs to come with him now.  He takes the kid out to his van and chloroforms him.  When the boy wakes up, Arthur keeps referring to Scott as “Arthur.” What follows is John Lithgow redefining “creepy” by playing with a choo-choo train on the floor.

Having caught Arthur red-handed and failing to catch him in the car, Kyle/Dexter shows up at the Mitchell residence and asks where Arthur is.  Jonah tells him that he’s at some teaching conference in Naples and Kyle/Dexter explains to Jonah that Arthur may be up to something much worse than concocting new ways to spring pop quizzes on his students. Dexter does some recon and finds a string of missing ten-year-old boys five days before the bathtub murder.  Lundy never made the connection because the boys weren’t recorded as homicides.  Instead of a trinity of victims, it’s actually a quartet with each victim representative of his family members – the young boys being a symbol of Arthur’s lost innocence.  Dexter makes the connection, having lost his own innocence the day Momma Dex was chainsaw-ed to death in a shipping container as he and Big Bro watched. 

Back at the precinct, Masuka tells Deb he saw something at Thanksgiving dinner that he wishes he never saw.  Before he can tell her that he saw Rita kissing Elliot Claus, Deb starts talking about her plans to corner Christine.  Deb asks Batista to watch the interview she’s granting Christine for any pertinent info on the Lundy case, believing she knows more than she’s letting on.

During the interview, Deb whips out a few photos of DeadLundy telling Christine that she looks at those every time she feels like giving up.  Christine has a hard time looking at the photos. (Which is fitting, since the audience has a hard time looking at her over-exposed juggs.)  Deb conversationally mentions to Christine that she knows she lives 60 minutes from the scene of the crime, yet she was the first on the scene, reporting 15 minutes after the call was put out. Batista himself noted that Christine was fully made-up and there was no way she just rolled out of bed all fresh n’ pretty.  Deb and Batista agree to tread carefully lest Quinn find out what they’re up to, unsure of whether his loyalty lies with the department or Juggs.

Back at Trinity’s bomb shelter lair, Arthur is talking to Scott, who he keeps referring to as “Arthur.” Although “little Arthur” (which sound strangely phallic, appropriately enough, given what a perv ten-year-old Arthur Mitchell actually was) keeps protesting that his name is Scott.  As for Scott, Dexter pays a visit to the boy’s home, offering his services to the family help find the boy and search for information. Meanwhile, Dexter has Jonah doing some more research on his pops and Jonah is getting all sorts of dirt on Daddy..

On the Morgan family front, Cody gets into a scuffle with another student because the kid said he saw Dexter leaving the Young Sailors campsite in the middle of the night because he was scared. When Dexter comes home, Rita tells him that Cody was defending his honor at school, oh, and that Paul (as in Psycho Ex who got shanked to death in prison Paul)’s parents want to take the kids to Disney Land.

Soon after Rita makes one of her inopportune phone calls to Dexter while he’s searching for Scott, Christine calls Daddy and tells him she wishes she could see him now instead of another four months for her birthday.  Arthur tells her that there’s a reason why he can’t see her and that he’s got a family that needs him.  Arthur hangs up as Christine cries about her daddy issues all by her lonesome, knowing that she’s definitely in deep doo-doo this time.  

Boy, is she ever right.  Deb tells Quinn her theory that Christine was the one who killed Lundy and shot her.  Not too happy with the news that his girlfriend may have been using him as her human shield (Apple. Tree. Not far.), Deb gets Quinn to give her the toothbrush that Christine keeps at his place to run DNA to see if her DNA matches that of Trinity.

Soon after, Christine is over at Quinn’s house, doing their morning ritual (which doesn’t involve Christine whipping out her boobs, although she would like to).  She angrily storms out of his place on the grounds that Quinn isn’g sexing her, bummed that her toothbrush is missing, and yelling at Quinn about how his partner gave her a crappy interview.  Christine then places yet another phone call to Pops, telling him she needs to see him to talk about “that woman in the bathtub” when she was little.

The father/child reunion is only a motion away as Christine tells Arthur that she has been protecting him, having remembered following him the night he iced the chick in a bathtub. Having saved all of the post cards Daddy ever sent her, she traced them to coincide with the murders like a good investigative journalist would  Christine drops the bombshell that she knew Lundy was hot on his trail and killed him to keep Daddy safe. Initially, Arthur is all “WTF!?!”, however he relents, smiling and telling her to head home and they’ll talk about it later.  This can’t be good.  If he knew he had an older half-sister, Jonah could probably tell Christine a thing or two about what happens when their Pops starts smiling after his kids have done something wrong.  Usually, it ends with a broken thumb or a good choke-out.  This theory is corroborated when Arthur climbs back into his van and lets loose, referring to his daughter as a “stupid, stupid” effing c-word. 

After meeting with FailDaughter, Arthur heads back to his bomb shelter, bearing delicious grub from Sonic and offers some to Scott, on the condition that he puts his pajamas on.  Arthur cranks up some soft ‘50s music as he chows down happily on his burger. Not even taking a sip from a delicious Cherry Limeade, he then chokes up upon hearing “Venus,” blathering about Vera and how he feels responsible for her death.  Scott shows some sympathy for the old creep and tells him he can be his bodyguard and even call him “Arthur” …if he really wants to. Arthur smiles all sorts of touched and happy (uh-oh) an asks  Scott to stay as kind and innocent as he is. After telling him he will set him free, he drugs the kid’s ice cream.

Meanwhile, back at the precinct, one of Harry’s old “friends with benefits” Valerie, shows up, telling Deb that she doesn’t remember the other C.I. that Harry dumped her for and searches for the name of the chick who made her a bitter dumpee.  Just as she’s scrambling for a name, Masuka finally has a chance to interrupt someone, coming through with the DNA test results. As Deb had suspected, Christine is related to Trinity.  Deb, Batista, Quinn and a few other officers show up at Christine’s apartment and haul her away in handcuffs. Quinn glares icily at Deb as his slam piece will now be in the slammer. Hey, it’s still a better fate than what would be in store for the “stupid, stupid” effing c-word than if Daddy got his mitts on her!

Speaking of Daddy, Dexter finds the bomb shelter where Arthur had been hanging out with Scotty.  After a little talk-time with Harry-Wan Kenobi, Dexter deduces that Arthur is using his “Four Walls One Heart” building sites as a convenient place to drop the bodies of the ten-year-old boys… Burying them alive in concrete.  Racing to the site of Arthur’s newest erection (pardon the pun), he sees Arthur with a pool of freshly poured foundation concrete and a child-sized body bag zipped shut, ready to be submerged.  Cracking Arthur in the head a few times with a shovel, Dexter manages to free Scotty and save the boy who is returned to his family.  Meanwhile, Arthur ends up escaping.

Next week, it looks like Arthur finds out that Dexter really isn’t “Kyle Butler.”  Uh-oh.

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